We welcome you to contact us and schedule your free introductory class! This will give you the chance to try out CrossFit Wachusett in a controlled environment with a one-on-one Coach. This first free introductory class is also a lead in to our one-one-one On-Ramp Sessions. The one-on-one On-Ramp Sessions consist of a minimum of three scheduled hours (the average number of sessions that new CrossFitters schedule are five) that introduce you to the ideas, movements and demands that you will encounter during a regular group class. Once you have completed these one-on-one sessions, you get one week of free unlimited membership that allows you to join our group classes and put your new knowledge to work!


Becoming familiar and proficient with the basics will lead to a better understanding of your fitness: strength, weakness, endurance, flexibility and work capacity. Learning the in’s and out’s of your fitness and what you need will help you to get exactly what you need out of each class at CrossFit Wachusett.

We used to have people jump right into our group classes when they wanted to get started, however; in many cases we found this to be be intimidating and/or detrimental to the learning process of the movements. The intensity of trying out a class for the first time paired with a timidness or lack of knowledge surrounding complicated lifts led to a less beneficial experience for first timers. The importance of understanding the fundamentals of the CrossFit movements leads to a more knowledgeable and gratifying experience.

As Coaches at CrossFit Wachusett, we want you to be able to capitalize on the class content and instruction that we offer you every day. Being able to schedule these one-on-one On-Ramp Sessions enables you to learn movements, lifts and how to scale them as well as to learn your body and its current state of conditioning will give you the knowledge to comfortably transition into classes and continue your fitness journey. We want to prepare you and provide you with the tools to achieve your fitness goals.



We offer CrossFit classes at 5:30am, 7:30am, 8:30am, 9:30am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm and 6:30pm on weekdays as well as 10:00am and 11:00am on Saturdays. We offer more classes than most CrossFit affiliate in the area.


We know you have your own busy schedules and sometimes even other family member’s busy schedules to work around, so we want to make sure that we offer class times that allow you get in to CrossFit Wachusett for workouts.

We, as coaches, are all CrossFitters too and they understand both the benefits and the desire to pursue our fitness goals. We know that the coaching time and classes that we can offer you will not only benefit your day, but it will be another hour of strength and conditioning that you can build off of to continually reach your lifestyle goals.



In addition to our On-Ramp Classes and Group CrossFit Classes we offer ongoing specialty classes as well as seasonal classes that get added to the schedule sporadically throughout the year.

Below are the additional classes that we offer:

  • Olympic Lifting
  • Open Gym
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Crossover Symmetry
  • Nutrition
  • Mobility
  • Skill


Our Specialty classes help expand and encourage knowledge and practice of specific theories, skills, lifts and mobility associated with the movements in CrossFit. They are to help our members with their weaknesses, help engrain good movement preparation and movement patterns for more complicated skills and also to add something new to the mix.



There are many elements that go into making a world-class facility. From the training components like having enough space and equipment, to practical components like free parking, a refrigerator, changing rooms and showers. Your facility has all the necessary components to help you get fit and stay fit while accommodating your needs.


Imagine having to pay an extra three dollars every time you park your car for a workout or having to park a mile away from the facility. Think about the time it would take you drive home and shower before going to work instead of being able to shower and be on your way.

Inconveniences like parking and showering/changing space are enough to deter you from going to the gym at all. Things like having plenty of natural light, a refrigerator to accommodate your meals and nutritional supplements, a quiet road to park and run on might seem insignificant, but when they’re taken away, people notice.

Convenience will help you get to the gym more often! We have been around for years and we are in tune with what helps you to be the most successful CrossFitter that you can be!



The strength in our CrossFit comes our community. From CrossFit Wachusett Family gatherings to holiday parties and BBQ’s, we do more than just workout together.


Fitness is a key component of your life and we want to support that key component by adding to the well-roundedness of your life in other ways too! To us, strength in your life is more than just picking up and moving heavy things, its about supporting and being supported by your peers. We have found that the stronger your community is at supporting eachother, the bigger the desire and accountability to show up to your CrossFit class is. At CrossFit Wachusett, you enjoy the workout and the people working out around you!

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