Saturday January 19, 2013

CrossFit Kids 8-9

Open Gym 10-12

The family that wall-balls together, stays together!
The family that wall-balls together, stays together!

*This is the LAST Saturday of Open Gym as it has been operating.*

Open Gym has kept growing and growing, which has been amazing, but we feel like we need a different approach to get you growing Saturday AM-ers the attention that you need.  We will be offering two Skill/WOD Classes that will heavily focus on a specific skill, followed by a WOD with the skill just practiced in it.  We will also be offering an Olympic Lifting/Strength Class which will solely revolve around Olympic Lifts (snatch and clean and jerk) and the strength and drills required for those lifts.  So, starting Jan. 26th you will need to sign into and attend one of the following classes:

9am-10am Skill/WOD Class

10am-11am Olympic Lifting/Strength Class

11am-12pm Skill/WOD Class

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