CrossFit Wachusett – CrossFit

warm up for running (No Measure)

3 rounds

50 single unders

10 inchworms

10 grasshoppers

10 wall facimg squats

10 jumping jacks

Will Special

In 3 equal teams, Each member must perform a 50ft Bear Crawl down the gym, and a 50ft Crab Walk back.

Once 3 Rounds are completed, the entire team must Bear Crawl, in a line, to the finish

Winning team gets a high five and a donut

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

25 Min AMRAP

50 Jumping Pull Ups

400m Run

20 Snatches 155/95

400m Run

50 Bar Facing Burpees

400m Run

20 Thrusters 155/95

400m Run

Rx+ 185/125

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